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BMTI Precision Mechatronics Co., Ltd. Foi fundada em 2003, e é especializada na produção, fabricação e venda de servo válvulas e máquinas EDM CNC.


Potência pulsada avançada e tecnologia de controle asseguram usinagem da superfície de alta qualidade e eficiência de trabalho excelentes.

Electroplating Machines Electroplating Machines

Erosion machines work by using the erosion caused by the discharge impulse between the electrode and the conductive material, which has been used in the production of matrices. ...

Amplifier Amplifier

Servo amplifiers are used to drive and control servo valves and proportional valves. They perform precise control of all types of valves. They can be equipped with other hydraulic systems and measurin ...

Servoválvula Eletrohidráulica Servoválvula Eletrohidráulica

The servo valves can measure the hydraulic oil according to the input signal, and then to control the position, speed, and force pressure in the hydraulic systems (usually the pistons and pistons).

Electrohydraulic Proportional Valve Electrohydraulic Proportional Valve

The proportional valve is a hydraulic component, which can transfer the electrical signal to the shift signal by an analog electric converter. When this valve operates, the electric converter uses the ...

Grease Control Valve Grease Control Valve

Grease control valves are equipment that can exert high output pressure quantitatively. It is the most important part of the filling machine, and can work with different types of high viscosity oils, ...